Seeds of Hope’s International Director, Kirk Schauer, first visited Zambia in 2003 with a group of Vineyard pastors from California. On a balmy June day in 2003 he met a young boy in the streets of a slum in Ndola, Zambia. Kirk asked him where his family collects drinking water. The boy threw a rusty paint can attached to a rope into a nearby ditch (Pictured above), and pulled the can with its murky contents back up. Kirk thought he intended to show him the water, but instead he began to drink it. Kirk was completely shocked—he had never seen anyone drink such filthy water. He was struck by how widespread the need for something as basic as safe water was, and how a practical response could help meet that need.

In partnership with CIDA, the Center for Affordable Water and Sanitation Technology designated SHIP as a WASH Center of Expertise for Africa.  This allows us to be among the first in the world to implement innovative WASH technologies, and provides us with a platform to build capacity in other organizations throughout Africa and around the world through trainings and learning exchanges. While we are strongest in WASH projects (drilling boreholes, hand pump repair, BioSand filters for point-of-use treatment, participatory community hygiene trainings), our approach is holistic, taking into consideration all of the needs and strengths of the people we serve.