Kirk Schauer, Founder and International Director
Kirk Schauer is the International Director of Seeds of Hope International Partnerships. While part of a team visiting Zambia in 2003, Kirk was struck by the communities’ need for safe water. He and his wife, Denise, founded Seeds of Hope to empower Zambians to bring health and transformation to their communities. Prior to starting Seeds of Hope, Kirk served as Associate Pastor of Vineyard Christian Fellowship in Santa Maria, California for nine years. He and Denise have also spearheaded community development projects in Asia, facilitating vocational skills trainings for rehabilitating heroin addicts in Hong Kong, and laying the groundwork for textiles projects in Cambodia.  As international director, Kirk engages with civic leaders in communities across Zambia, local and international non-governmental organizations, Rotary Clubs, industry representatives, and religious leaders to work together to bring lasting change. Under his leadership, Seeds of Hope has grown from a few community members trained in pump repair to a staff of 65 that has brought clean water to hundreds of thousands of people, is pioneering holistic community development interventions, and trains organizations from around the world to improve their water projects.

Christi Williams, Administrator
Christi Williams has lived in the Central Coast for ten years.  During that time she has worked as a church office manager, and assisted the accounting, projects, and volunteer departments for Lifewater International. Christi joined Seeds of Hope in 2009, bringing with her eighteen years of experience working for local and international non-profit organizations throughout California and Wisconsin.  Oversees volunteers, coordinates reporting with the SHIP Zambia office, and in general keeps things running for SHIP U.S.



Our offices and projects in Africa are run by an entirely Zambian staff. The staff of about 60 make up the departments of administration, drilling and pump repair, hygiene and sanitation, biosand filters, and agriculture.


Evans Chiyenge, WET-C Director
Evans is the Director of the WET-C Programs, the water, sanitation, and hygiene training branch of Seeds of Hope International Partnerships (SHIP).  A native of Kitwe, Zambia, Evans earned his degree in metallurgy and mineral processing at the University of Zambia. From there, he pursued a career with Zambian Consolidated Copper Mines Limited from 1980 to 1996. He met Kirk Schauer, SHIP’s director, in 2003, identified with the SHIP mission, and became involved.  He and his wife, Eness, were instrumental in helping SHIP become a registered NGO in Zambia, and today both are members of the SHIP Zambia board  of directors. In 2008, Evans became the leader of the water programs trainings for Seeds of Hope.. Drawing on his previous experience, and SHIP’s partnership with the Centre for Affordable Water and Sanitation Technology, Evans has developed water programs in a way that enables SHIP to adapt its interventions and training to suit the local context, and to become an unparalleled center of expertise that serves as a model for like-minded organizations all over the world.  Evans is a visionary that has sacrificed to build SHIP into an organization that brings hope and solutions throughout the world.


George Musabandesu, Head of Training in Ndola

The Lead Trainer in Ndola, George has been integral to SHIP’s growth since 2007.  An Ndola native, he earned his degree in Information Technology at Northrise University.  He joined forces with SHIP after graduating, and has performed roles in nearly all of SHIP’s departments. From being the chief accountant to developing curriculum and teaching effective facilitation skills for trainers to being one of the main hygiene trainers and a leader at the Ndola base, George knows the ins-and-outs of SHIP, what his people need, and where those two overlap.  As Lead Trainer he has also led international trainings in Uganda, Kenya, Zimbabwe, and Ethiopia.  He currently supports daily operations at Seeds of Hope’s Ndola Resource Center and leads trainings throughout Africa. George is an integral member of the SHIP team, who has earned the respect of the staff and community and continues bring hope, health, and holistic solutions into every environment he enters.


Sam Phiri, Program Manager & Interim Director
With relevant academic training and extensive professional experience, Sam adds depth and strength to the SHIP team. A Zambian by birth, Sam’s scholarship began in Lusaka and has taken him around the world, earning him degrees in Environmental Health, Health Technology, and Health Management Systems from universities in South Africa, Zambia, and Israel. Most recently, he earned his MBA in Strategic Planning from the Edinburgh School of Business Studies. His intellectual prowess is matched only by his professional experience, having worked for Red Cross Zambia, UNICEF, USAID, and in several development positions with the Zambia government.  He has established women’s farming groups, spearheaded food distribution in drought regions; conducted hygiene training for refugees, and led various operations in the Copperbelt Province. With additional knowledge gained from professional development workshops on topics such as counseling, financial management, training trainers, etc., Sam expertly combines and applies the latest academic theories to help SHIP bring the most advanced and feasible technologies to communities. Sam is passionate about brining change to his nation and believes SHIP’s holistic approach is a tailored and effective way to do it. His  strength, wisdom, and excellence are crucial to SHIP’s work.


Kebby Ntabo, Chief Accountant

As the Chief Accountant, Kebby uses his strong interpersonal skills and excellent analytical and financial planning abilities to keep SHIP Zambia on track and functioning at the highest possible level.  Born and raised in Zambia he attended Northern Technical College and Zamtel College where he earned accounting licences and became a registered member of the Chartered Accountants in Zambia.   Kebby was instrumental in establishing an accounting system that enabled SHIP to be audited for the first time since its inception.  Thanks to his contributions and leadership, SHIP successfully passed their first audit and is poised to pass all future audits as well.  Kebby’s ability to work well within teams as well as take charge and lead projects make him an excellent accountant who is trusted to run SHIP’s finances with transparency, efficiency, and integrity.  He is a gracious man who sets a high standard and empowers others to reach their fullest potential.



SHIP’s international trainers are quickly developing the Seeds of Hope’s Ndola Resource Center into a center of expertise.

Matt Ellis, Head of Agriculture

Born and raised in the United States, Matt graduated from UC Davis with a degree in Plant Biology and minors in Horticulture and Sustainable Agriculture in June of 2011.  Immediately after graduating, Matt began working with Seeds of Hope in Zambia. He came to Zambia with dynamic experience, having worked Sygenta, Monsanto, and UC Davis as a research assistant in traditional breeding projects. In addition to his research work, Matt also spent six months working on an organic farm at UC Davis. Currently, Matt is the Head of Agriculture Department for Seeds of Hope, and is directing a six-month training for unemployed Zambian youth, entitled “Agriculture as a Business.” Matt is known for being a hard worker, yet valuing relationships as much as does efficiency.  He is a valued SHIP team member; his passion, dedication, and leadership inspire those who work with him.

Dan & Mary Vissani 

Dan, Research and Development in Agriculture, Discipleship and Pastoral Care
Mary, International Team and Guest Services Coordinator

American citizens by birth, these two were married in 2008 and have been working in Southern Africa ever since.  Dan and Mary are both graduates of Christian colleges, pioneers of faith-based farming, and our newest additions to SHIP Zambia.  After developing a ministry to farmers in Harare, Zimbabwe, they moved to Ndola in 2012 and immediately began making an impact!  Dan is in charge of pastoral care, discipleship, and is working with SHIP’s Agriculture Department.  Mary facilitates visiting international teams and hosts various guests from around the world at the SHIP Resource Center, all while taking care of their young daughter. SHIP has already benefited from the breadth and depth of the Vassini family’s skills and is looking forward to the years ahead!


Terry & Carolyn Webster

Terry, Systems Development, Head of Vechicle & Property Maintenance
Carolyn, Vocational Training Teacher

Originally from New Zealand, this married couple brings over forty years of experience in telecommunication, agriculture, engineering, property management, guest services, and food distribution. Their complementary strengths support nearly every aspect of SHIP’s Ndola Resource Center. Currently, Terry is performing systems development and leading vehicle and site maintenance, as well as establishing initial bicycle sales and various retail opportunities.  Carolyn is leading SHIP’s “Sewing for Business” vocational classes, and has created a one-year curriculum for students. She is now training and inspiring new teachers and making samples of retail items for the SHIP Shoppe.  With an eye for detail this married couple have been instrumental in strengthening SHIP into an organization known for quality and timeliness.