It is important to us that in all the projects/business ventures we are able to maintain our core values. Evaluation of our projects will include how well we were able to maintain/facilitate our core values.


  • Worshipful Attitude - We want everything done in a way that worships and honors God. Especially as we care for others, we know that Jesus says when we care for the least among us it is just like caring for Him.
  • Christ-like Servant hood - The people we are serving should feel loved, empowered and released into their calling. They should be honored and able to maintain their cultural identity.
  • Local Leadership - All projects as much as possible should have local leadership and national partners. Throughout the life of the project, local leadership and responsibility should be ever-increasing as much as possible.
  • Transformation - We desire to see transformation of families, communities, and nations through the Kingdom of God being demonstrated in various ways.
  • Sustainability - We seek to introduce sustainable methods in all aspects of our partnerships.
  • Reproduction - We want everything we do to be reproduced easily by nationals in
  • Multiplication - We want to use methods and ideas that can be multiplied whenever possible.
  • Empowerment of the Local Church - When possible, in most circumstances, we seek to work with and empower local churches and local church leaders
  • Mercy and Compassion - Acts of mercy and compassion will be a part of all our ventures, purposefully demonstrated especially to serve as training/discipleship opportunities with our in-country partners.
  • Discipleship - All trainings will be intentional to make disciples and to train trainers. Facilitating a place to put into practice what has been taught will be a priority.
  • Integrity - In every way we are seeking to show integrity. We want to be true and honest in the things that we say and do.