In response to desperate situations facing Southern Africa, Seeds of Hope has brought resources to empower local Africans to address overwhelming issues. Our vision is to establish Resource Centers in needy communities where people come to us to be trained in one or more areas of community development. They are then equipped to take what they have learned to their own communities to help establish lasting change. Presently our work in Zambia is based out of the Ndola and Lusaka areas, in the two most populated provinces of the nine within Zambia. Ndola is where we are establishing our first Resource Center, and SHIP’s work has initially been focused on schools and compounds throughout Ndola. As we meet with success in these areas, SHIP is able to expand into the surrounding regions, building on the foundation established by the successes of the previous projects. Through strategically integrated trainings and activities.


Zambia is strategically located at the center of southern Africa, bordering eight other African countries. Our vision at Seeds of Hope is to reach not just to the borders of Zambia, but to bring health and hope throughout all of Africa. Already we are seeing this happen as Seeds of Hope is becoming a center of expertise for southern Africa in household water treatment methods. We are being established as a training center to equip other organizations in Zambia and the surrounding countries with knowledge in water, sanitation, and hygiene training and promotion. In addition to organizations coming to us, SHIP has also traveled to Sierra Leone, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, and Rwanda to do trainings. As we train organizations who then train others, the production and installation of bio-sand filters and the establishment of healthy water sources increases exponentially, bringing clean water into many more homes!



In the US we are doing trainings and equipping teams to go into the nations with hope and healing. We are very excited to be working together with several other organizations to accomplish these things.


Orley Campbell is working with SHIP in Canada together we are promoting the building of drilling rigs to be sent to other countries as we can raise the funds and train new crews. We are also partnering with Handpumps for Hope to promote the new Awassa handpumps.