Kaniki is a village outside Ndola in the Copperbelt Province of Zambia. Upon entering the area the need for a clean water project was apparent; community members reported finding dead mice in their hand-dug wells, or having to walk very long distances to streams to collect water. Water-borne diseases were common, but with no other source of water available, the [...]

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In the periurban community of Misaka, drinking contaminated water had become a regular part of life. The residents collected water from a network of hand-dug wells, many of which were being contaminated by close proximity to pit latrines. People often suffered from stomach problems, but had no alternative water source.    On November, 9, 2009 a borehole was completed in [...]

Water is life.” We couldn’t agree more with Robert, a community member in the Copperbelt community of Kalikeka in northern Zambia. Seeds of Hope completed a borehole there on October 13, 2009, bringing clean water to about 300 people living in the community. Previously, the nearest water sources were hand-dug wells and a stream over 2 miles away.    Community [...]

On October 22, 2009, Seeds of Hope’s drilling crew completed a well in the community of Mukulungwe.  In the past, people had drawn their water from shallow, hand-dug wells, and the water they collected there made them sick and prevented them from developing their community. Mike Sakala, a resident of Mukulungwe, said, “We were getting water from afar, and as [...]