In mid-April of 2012 Robert Chinyama of Kaniki Kamalasha thanked Seeds of Hope and Atlas Copco for drilling a new borehole well in his community!  He spoke on behalf of the community and said it was good and important for them to have clean, safe water.  Previous to the drilling of this well people would draw water from hand-dug wells which led to many people suffering from running stomach and diarrhea.

In preparation for the well the community cleared the site and about two months prior to the well completion they participated in sanitization and hygiene training. Now over 1,200 people have education about and access to a healthier life! 


Mr. Chinyama expressed the community’s thankfulness and said the people were very happy about the water development in the area because this source is accessible and means that people will have clean water and no longer suffer from water related diseases! He ended by once again thanking Seeds of Hope and asking God to continue blessing all organizations involved.



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