Atlas Copco partnered with Seeds of Hope to drill a well at the market in the community of Mushili. On June 10, 2011 our team returned to the borehole to ensure that it was functioning properly, and to hear how people in the community were finding life in Mushili with a new borehole. Here is what some of them had to say.


Lizzie Tembo and Florence Nikupala: ”The borehole has been working very well, without any problems. Before, we used to have to go very far for water, but now that the water is close, those of us who work here selling our goods in the market are very happy.”

Mr. Nyimbili: “The borehole not only helps the marketeers, but also the surrounding community.”

The water committee:”We have set up ‘working hours’ for the borehole. When then the hours are over, the borehole is closed. This is done to avoid overuse and to prevent it from breaking down.” 


Thank you for partnering with Seeds of Hope to bring hope and change to this community! 

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