Last year, Atlas Copco funded the drilling of a borehole in the community of Lubuto. A team from Seeds of Hope recently conducted a follow up visit, and here is what they reported:

On the 11th of June 2011, the crew went for a follow up to see how the borehole is working at Lubuto. They met with Lubuto’s water committee, and community members who could give them a sense for how the borehole was impacting their neighborhood. The team found that the borehole was working well but, were told that it frequently broke down and had to be repaired.  Pastor Kasongo (chairman of the water committee) said the reason for the constant breakdowns  was overuse. “People from far away communities come to draw water from this well. It works 24hours and hence the constant breakdowns.”

The crew and community proposed as a solution creating two more boreholes in Lubuto. To relieve the demand on the existing borehole they proposed one at the market and one at the community’s school. 



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