On June 11, 2011 Seeds of Hope’s biosand filter crew visited Nkwazi to conduct a follow up visits in homes in the community of Nkwazi, where Atlas Copco partnered with us to install 80 filters last year. Here are our crews notes from the field. 

Lister Namwila, House #2570 
On the 11th of June 2011, we visited house number 2570 for Lister Namwila. The filter has been working well and effectively since 2010, but recently when Lister traveled away from home for a month, her children did not use the filter properly and it became blocked. As a result, the family had stopped using the filter. We unblocked the filter using the swirl and dump method and it began to function normally. Lister says the water tastes better than unfiltered water and it is cool.  

Violet Mwansa, House #2581
Violet’s filter has been working well since the date of installation in 2010, but two months ago it developed a problem and began to leak. Our crew plans to return to Ms. Mwansa’s home soon to repair the leak. 

Kwanga Phiri, House #2575
Mrs. Phiri admitted that she had not been using her filter because she was not aware of the importance of using a biosand filter. We educated her on the benefits of using drinking filtered drinking water, and she has decided to start using her filter. 

Jennifer Simukiko, House #2838
Mrs. Simukiko reported that the filter has been working well, with no leaks or problems to report. “My family’s mind is at ease when drinking this water because we know that it is germ-free. It tastes good, and we do not suffer from waterborne diseases anymore.”

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