In June 2010, Water For All partnered with Seeds of Hope to install 80 biosand filters in the community of Nkwazi. The recipients ranged from small and large families to local schools. Excitement filled the community as people used wheelbarrows to transport the concrete filters and media to the homes and buildings where they would be installed.

At Wipham Community School the principal, Mrs. Nsokoshi, began noticing the improvements in the health and conditions the filters had brought to the school. She was so impressed she decided to send her staff to BioSand filter trainings at the Seeds of Hope resource center in Ndola to learn more about the filters and even begin building the filters themselves. 

Thanks to your involvement, hundreds of people in Nkwazi now have clean, safe water to drink, access to resources teaching them how to live differently, and the tools to bring health and transformation to their community. 

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