Ekiya Chibundama’s words speak volumes: “I am very happy because my children will always have safe and clean water.


A resident of Lubuto, Ekiya testified of how terrible the water situation had beenin the part of the community where she lived before Seeds of Hope completed a borehole there on March 26, 2010. Many people suffered from constant stomach problems, and water-borne diseases were a chronic battle. They realized that the water from their hand-dug wells was making them sick— it even smelled and tasted bad— but had no other water source. One of Ekiya’s greatest grievances was that her children (as well as many others throughout the community) were frequently unable to attend school due to illnesses they had contracted by drinking contaminated water. 

Pastor Kasongo, who oversees a local congregation, shared during the hygiene and sanitation training that followed the completion of the well, “The only way to develop our community is to implement what we have learned at this training.” Among the lessons learned were how to keep domestic animals from contaminating stored water and water sources, and how to construct a tippy tap (hand-washing device) from readily available materials. 

The community has formed a hygiene and sanitation club that will work hand in hand with the water committee to ensure that more people will be able to share in Ekiya’s confidence for a healthy future, and Pastor Kasongo’s hope for a transformed community. 

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