A simple truth was once said: “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” (Helen Keller) The students at a school in the community of Chiwala became living examples of this from May 8 to June 5, 2010 when then partnered with Seeds of Hope’s drilling team to create a source of safe water for the school. 

Chiwala Basic School’s 800 students and staff had been drawing water from a borehole that had been drilled close to the school’s latrines. The water collected there was extremely contaminated, and caused many illnesses. But as teacher Joseph Siniyiza told the drill team, they could not abandon the borehole because it was their only water source. So students, teachers, and administrators had no choice but to continue using water from the well, despite the hazard it represented to their health. Common health issues included bilharzia (a chronic disease known to impair health and cognitive development) and frequent diarrhea. 

When Seeds of Hope’s drill team arrived to begin working on the new borehole, the students joined together to do what they could to be a part of changing the future of their school and those who study there. They hauled water needed for drilling, dug holes, laid concrete, and helped install the hand pump. 

While the borehole was in process, our Hygiene and Sanitation team conducted a one-day training attended by 108 teachers and students. The participants learned the differences between safe and unsafe water, how to keep clean water from becoming contaminated, and the importance of washing their hands with soap. School administrators then planned to hold meetings for the other students and parents to spread knowledge of good hygiene and sanitation practices throughout the community, with follow-up by Chiwala’s new Water Committee. 

Once the new well was complete, Chiwala’s students did not just receive a source of clean water. To them, it remains as a reminder of how they worked together to bring health, hope, and transformation to their school and community.

Thank you for your generosity in partnering with Seeds of Hope and the students of Chiwala Basic School to complete this borehole.

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