We have distributed over 5000 biosand filters into needy communities in Zambia. It truly has some amazing properties and attributes. The details of how it works can be viewed here, As an intervention that can be used in the communities it excels in several arenas.

1. It is able to be built locally. Local cement, local labor, local sand.

Seeds of Hope's biosand factory where the molds are being prepared to pour cement


2. It can be installed inside peoples homes, in fact it is preferred installation to be right in the area that people are preparing their food and storing their water.

Peter instals the biosand filter and tells the owner how it works


3. When you pour water into it to purify the water it actually is reported (by the people we give them to) as improving the taste of the water that is poured in.


4. The concrete filter adds a cooling effect to the water and people also prefer it because it is more refreshing than other methods to clean your water.


5. The filter is “point of use” which means that it filters right before you use it, which solves some of the problems of recontamination of the water before you actually drink it.


6. It last a long time, there are filters that have been working over 20 years and the sand never needs to be replaced.


7. It is easy to clean when it does get clogged it is a simple swirl and dump to start it working like new again.


8. It is low cost and can be paid for locally as it gains popularity


9. It has the ability to be scaled up to do larger volumes of filters.



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