The resource center that is at the core of the vision of Seeds of Hope is well on it’s way to being established. We are training in Bicycle repair and it has been added as an additional spoke of the wheel of our resource center. This month we highlight the bicycle repair ministry so that you can see what we are doing in Zambia.


Goreth’s home is in Nkwazi with her grandmother. She has also been working in SHIP’s sand filter factory for about 1 year. She is another one who found training to be a challenge when it commenced as, like her fellow participants remembering tool names and bicycle parts proved difficult. However, now she has grasped the information and is very happy because she can service the bicycles by herself and do road tests. She continues everyday to progress in her abilities to repair bicycles better.


Brian lives in Mapalo compound, is married with children and also takes care of his brother. He has worked making blocks for Seeds of Hope as a contract laborer for about 6 months.
He said that it was difficult for him to understand the different tools and their uses but as the days went by he began understanding and he now feels happy about his new found ability to repair bicycles.
He also thanked Seeds of Hope and its partners for the training that they are providing.

The bicycle ministry is helping on several levels:

It is helping seeds of Hope establish a training module for bike repair that can be used to help poor people at an elementary step get out of poverty
It provides an income “in-country “ for seeds of hope’s projects.
It provides quality bicycles to organizations and people in Zambia that will help break the chains of poverty in their lives. We have helped ministries that train bee-keepers, agriculture trainings, health workers, pastors, and many other working in communities become more effective by the things that we are doing.

SMART DEVELOPMENT cast the vision!!

We are right now collecting 400 bikes for another container shipping at the end of April from California and Colorado. We sure could use your help if it is possible

About 400 bikes fit into a container like this and we are collecting them right now!


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