The Miners’ Welfare Trust (MWT) in Luanshya was formed to help the families of miners who had lost their jobs due to the closure of the oldest copper mine in the Copperbelt Province. In early 2009, participants from the women’s division of MWT attended a water awareness seminar, and later a BioSand filter workshop in July. The women live in [...]

Kenner Vineyard helped launch Seeds of Hope’s new main BioSand filter factory in Ndola by providing funds to build an innovative sand sorting machine and construct a roof for the factory.    The Ndola factory is where BioSand filter trainings take place, and where we develop new ways to prepare the media that fills the filters, improve designs for the [...]

Tony Malunga oversees one of the small-scale factories that Kenner Vineyard has helped establish is in the Lusaka region.   In Zambia, members of the military are posted in barracks around the country to provide peace keeping and community service to needy areas. Tony, a soldier posted in the Lusaka region, received training through AFMAC (the African Manzi Center, a [...]

Kafue is a town in south-centra Zambia, roughly 40km south of Lusaka,Zambia's capital. Located on the northern bank of the Kafue River, Kafue's water-stressed status comes not from a shortage of water, but a scarcity of safe water sources. Contamination is mainly caused by inadequate sanitation practices throughout the community. In 2009, Kenner Vineyard partnered with Seeds of Hope to [...]

In the periurban community of Misaka, drinking contaminated water had become a regular part of life. The residents collected water from a network of hand-dug wells, many of which were being contaminated by close proximity to pit latrines. People often suffered from stomach problems, but had no alternative water source.    On November, 9, 2009 a borehole was completed in [...]

Water is life.” We couldn’t agree more with Robert, a community member in the Copperbelt community of Kalikeka in northern Zambia. Seeds of Hope completed a borehole there on October 13, 2009, bringing clean water to about 300 people living in the community. Previously, the nearest water sources were hand-dug wells and a stream over 2 miles away.    Community [...]

On October 22, 2009, Seeds of Hope’s drilling crew completed a well in the community of Mukulungwe.  In the past, people had drawn their water from shallow, hand-dug wells, and the water they collected there made them sick and prevented them from developing their community. Mike Sakala, a resident of Mukulungwe, said, “We were getting water from afar, and as [...]