2 Latrines at Elohim Basic School The School learned how to construct a pit lining and how to take good measurements of latrines when constructing a latrine and how to construct a super structure. They enjoyed how to construct pit lining and a super structure. The School appreciated SHIP and the Rotary Club for the latrine constructed because the school [...]

The head teachers of all the schools that received Bio sand filters thanked SHIP for the good work, they said lately pupils used to suffer from water related diseases because the water was not clean and safe to drink, today we are very happy because our pupils are safe now.Thank you.  

Jones Kamata of Kalulu Basic School, on behalf of the school and community, thanked Rotary and Seeds of Hope for the work and help that was rendered to them. The School is very grateful that we drilled a borehole for them. Most of the time they didn’t receive water from the state water taps and it became a burden for [...]

Mike Mbewe on behalf of the School thanked Rotary and Seeds of Hope for  drilling them a borehole. The place had no other water sources, no taps or hand dug wells and thus people had to walk a distance of 100m to 150m, which proved difficult most of the time because during class times students were unable to address the [...]

On behalf of the school, Mr. Juma Patrick Musa, the treasure of the PTA committee, thanked SHIP/ROTARY for the borehole, he said the school and the community are happy for the safe and clean water provided.

Fisenge Basic School has 915 students and teachers.  Before the new well was drilled water for the school and the surrounding homes was obtained from this shallow well.   The school and the community were happy that a borehole has been drilled at their School. They also thanked Seeds of Hope and the Rotary for the work being done in [...]

On November 9, 2010, a well was completed at the Ndubaluba Center in Zambia’s Central Province. Roughly 500 community members who live in the area around the center now benefit from the new well. Thank you to the Paris, Texas Rotary Club for partnering with Seeds of Hope to bring health, hope, and transformation to this community!

Mwanawasa Community School celebrates their new well   We asked Patrick Coleman, former District Governor of the Luanshya Rotary Clubs, to share the vision for the Water for Education; project and how the wells drilled at schools in the area had changed the communities & lives. Here is what he said: The whole “Water for Education” idea came about because [...]