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The Easter Journey: Waiting for Water 

Did you know that the ancient Romans enjoyed a higher quality of drinking water than half the people alive today? Or that more people alive today own a cellphone than have access to a toilet? These basic human rights, like access to safe water and sanitation facilities, are what Seeds of Hope and thousands around the world are working to bring forth on the planet! 

Waiting for Water is an ecumenical network of Christians who recognize that millions of people

 around the world are still waiting for access to safe water. They provide free resources for churches and individuals to participate in The Easter Journey. Over the Lent and Easter season, here’s how you can get involved:waitingforwater_jug2

1. Give up a favorite beverage or activity and donate to SoHIP the money you would have spent to provide safe water.

2. Participate in Bible studies or devotionals created by Waiting For Water’s Christian writers and pastors.

3. Learn from weekend sermons which incorporate the Waiting for Water themes (available to churches only.)

4. Contribute to giving the gift of safe water, and celebrate Easter like never before!

Visit www.waitingforwater.org for more information, downloads, and to watch their “Waiting 2013” promotional video.

Champion Spotlight: Your Name Here

Seeds of Hope would like to see you turn 2013 into the Year of The Champion! Significant contributions of time, resources, and expertise by Champions are needed to continue the great work Seeds of Hope is doing! 

Champions come in all shapes and sizes- adults, teens, churches, experienced workers, office volunteers, philanthropic organizations, and so on. Simply put, a Champion is an individual or group who fights for or defends a person or cause; an advocate. You can become a Seeds of Hope Champion, save lives, and be featured in our monthly newsletter and on our website by (1) joining us in celebrating that everyone has valuable skills, talents, and gifts, (2) identifying what you have to offer (time, funds, items to donate, a shipping container to host and pack, leading a team to Ndola), and (3) contacting us at info@sohip.org with your ideas. Ultimately, our combined efforts will be able to make lasting changes in African communities.

Some past Champions include:

Orley Campbell (Retired) donated a drill rig, taught SoHIP Staff.

Jake Sherley (Firefighter) gave his time and heart while serving SoHIP Zambia as well as raising funds for BioSand filters and water wells.

David Mann (High School. Biology Teacher) innovated laboratory tests for BioSand filter improvements.

Young Philanthropists (elementary students) moved by their Zambian peers’ needs, raised money to bring clean water to a new community.

Churches packed and sent shipping containers, sponsored vocational students, hosted fund-raising events, purchased textiles, sent missions teams.

Become a Champion today. SoHIP and Africa need you.


Distinguishing Aspects of SoHIP

In the coming months the Newsletter will showcase Seeds of Hope’s unique approach to community development and changing the lives of people in Africa. Many organizations do a great job of bringing safe water, drilling boreholes, and/or raising awareness, but Seeds of Hope sets itself apart in many ways, some of which may not yet be familiar to you. SoHIP is a truly holistic development organization, which focuses on bringing multi-faceted solutions and lasting hope through strategic, long-term approaches to reversing the causes and effects of poverty in people, communities, and regions. 

You may not know that Seeds of Hope has over 70 Zambian employees. Or that our staff are being flown to other countries to train various governments and non-governmental organizations (NGO) across southern Africa. Or that Seeds of Hope hosts international learning exchanges, bringing water solutions experts together to share remedies, challenges, and lessons. Or that SoHIP drillers are among Zambia’s most skilled, qualified water well developers. 

Seeds of Hope is on the ground, run by nationals, and empowering people with the skills, training, and information they need to transform their lives and their communities. 

Every SoHIP department demonstrates organization’s values—from the compassionate hands of staff when delivering BioSand Filters, to the transparency and accountability of our bookkeeping.  Our transparency is upheld by SoHIP’s status of being one of the few NGOs in Zambia with audited books and certified accountants. 

We look forward to sharing in 2013 what makes Seeds of Hope so unique.

Twenty-Twelve Highlights

worldmap_blacklines CROP

In 2012 Seeds of Hope:

Impacted over 22 nations during local and international water, sanitation, hygiene, HIV/AIDS, and community trainings.

Provided 52,618 Zambians Access to Clean Water

Equipped 3,099 Zambians with vocation skills, training in water programs, and/or health-related issues

New Address for SoHIP USA

Seeds of Hope- USA has recently moved.  Please update your records to reflect these changes:

Mailing Address Physical Address General & Gifing Inquiries
PO Box 4405 11549 Los Osos Valley Rd Ste 106 +1.805.439.1489
San Luis Obispo, CA 93403 San Luis Obispo, CA,93405 info@sohip.org


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