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This month we bring you a glimpse into SHIP Zambia through the eyes of Hannah Messick, Seeds of Hope’s newest American staff member

Ndola, Zambia, home to the Seeds of Hope Resource Center and the main hub of trainings, fabrication, and implementation for SHIP Zambia. I had been reading about this place since May and finally had the opportunity to visit in late October; to my surprise I had severely underestimated the breadth and depth of work and areas impacted by SHIP Zambia! I knew we installed boreholes, had an agriculture division, and blooming vocational trainings, but I did not anticipate the numerous tasks, trainings, and projects that are being accomplished each day inside of each department. 

“ We want to make a difference in people’s lives… we could save one who is going to be a doctor or a president tomorrow, you never know. ”

As I walked around our Ndola campus, I saw bikes being repaired and sold, agriculture students working in the field, Community Health Promoters being trained, textiles being sewn, biosand filters popping out of their molds, new projects being drafted, and community members engaging the multi-barrier approach demonstration area. I was struck be the staffs’ passion and dedication to their tasks, so while waiting for the bus one day, I asked Tauzen, a trainer and a native Zambian, “Why do you care so much about what you do? What drives you?” He gathered his thoughts into English for a moment, then replied, “What drives me most is that I know there are problems out there and I see them, they are feasible [can be solved]. We have options for solutions, so why not bring them to the people? Because there are solutions that are needed. It is one thing to see a problem, but another thing to identify the solution because once you identify the solution then that becomes a good thing. You need to promote the solution so people can see it works, because then people will embrace and implement it. The drive is, we want to make a difference in people’s lives… we could save one who is going to be a doctor or a president tomorrow, you never know.” Tauzen is regularly in the field, so to hear his honest, heart-felt response was beautiful. He lights up when he talks about his job and is evidencing the vision and mission of Seeds of Hope each day. Tauzen’s reply embodies the steadfast commitment I saw in our remarkable Zambian staff. 

During my time in Ndola I touched transformation and saw that our men and women are transforming communities and impacting generations through community-centered, solution-oriented responses to Zambia’s most devastating issues. There truly is hope when transformed people are trained, empowered, and equipped to be agents of change and transform their community, region, and nation! I am honored to work alongside such passionate, intelligent, capable people. My time in Ndola broadened my understanding of the vast depth and breadth of areas SHIP is impacting, I look forward to sharing these areas with you as we strengthen the US base.





Gratitude Wins

Thankfulness is a way of being and here at Seeds of Hope we have chosen a lifestyle of thanksgiving for what is working right and celebration for the progress we are seeing! Join us this month in focusing on the beautiful things in life and praising the Lord for:

• Amazing Volunteers, Partners, and Churches
• Ever-increasing and lasting impact in Zambian communities
• New and strengthened connections
• Safety and protection in travels



Life Giving Christmas Gifts

A gift can be a small thing, but its effect can be huge. Suppose your gift could change lives, transform communities, and even impact generations. The holiday season is the biggest time of the year for giving, spreading joy, and uniting people, but amidst the eggnog, there’s room for something more—something in the true spirit of the season. For this very reason, this Christmas, Seeds of Hope is inviting you to be part of the solution to an epidemic in Africa that takes more lives each day than all violence combined, including war. SoHIP is asking you to give life by choosing a meaningful gift on behalf of your friends and family, then we’ll carry out the transformation, send your loved on a card symbolizing the solution they’re now a part of, and mail you a receipt.



BioSand Filter

BioSand Filters remove up to 98% of water pathogens, last a lifetime, making them a low-cost and  effective option for in-home filtration systems.  Affectionately known as “God’s Design in a Box” and “The Fridge”  this technology is revolutionizing home environments in target communities by providing clean, good tasting water for drinking, cooking and washing.  A BioSand Filter can help eliminate diseases like cholera, dysentery, diarrhea, dehydration, typhoid, giardia, and worms, from a family forever.  Many community members attribute their BSF to saving the lives of their children and ending disease in their home, give life this Christmas. $85 per BioSand Filter

Bicycle for CHP

Community Health Promoters (CHPs) are SoHIP’s most effective catalyst for change in the Zambian communities. With this gift you will be equipping strategically chosen, trained and empowered person with the ability to reach more people and build healthy environments more quickly!  This is a simple, but effective way to extend the reach of life-saving knowledge, support, and interventions. $50 per CHP bicycle

Area of Greatest Need

If you have trouble deciding which of the below gifts would be best, or you don’t feel that any of them are quite perfect, you can leave it to SoHIP to decide. Areas of Greatest need funding may go to the purchase of construction supplies, overall operating expenses, or to the upkeep of drill rigs, or any of SoHIP’s other programs. 

Sponser a Vocational Skills Student

Sponsoring a student in vocational courses  in agriculture or sewing will give them the skills they need to start a business, earn income, and step out of poverty. Seeds of Hope will give your student a unique, hands-on approach to acquiring new skills, write a letter of recommendation post-graduation, and guide the student into a secure job! Florence, Seeds of Hope’s 1st sewing program graduate shares how SoHIP’s vocational training changed her life, “Before Seeds of Hope I couldn’t pay my children’s school fees and I could only give my family one meal a day, but now that I’ve been trained I can pay my bills and we always have at least two, usually three meals a day!”  You can change a family’s history by sponsoring students like Florence! $100 per student
All gifts are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. SHIP is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, Federal Tax ID # 26-3460983


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