It's a story worth telling over and over again. In 2005, Seeds of Hope was praying for a drill rig to use for our ministry. Specifically, a cable tool drill rig, which has a simple design well-suited for the needs and capabilities of the area where we work in Zambia.


Just a few months after we started praying, Kirk received a call from Lifewater Canada saying that a man he had never met before wanted to donate a drill rig to Seeds of Hope. That man was Orley Campbell.

Orley had once been asked by World Vision to donate $15,000 to drill a well in Africa. Orley decided that for that much money, he could build his own drill rig and drill lots of wells. So he did. At almost eighty years of age, Orley designed and built a cable tool drill rig, which was shipped over to a ministry in Africa. Unfortunately, the ministry was too busy with their other projects and couldn't facilitate its use.

Which is how Kirk found himself on the phone with Orley, being asked if SHIP could use a cable tool drill rig. "We would love to use it! Where is it?" Kirk asked. "It's in Zambia," said Orley."Where in Zambia?" It turns out the drill rig was in Kitwe, just forty miles away from where SHIP works!

So the drill rig was donated to us by the other ministry, and that summer Orley himself came over to Zambia to train our SHIP team in using his drill rig. The Zambians still talk about how hard he worked while over there!

Orley has been working with friends to construct a second drill rig with a few changes, which was just recently completed. Orley himself, now eighty-one years old, has been crawling underneath this drill rig to do welding!

Orley's drill rig is also being put into computerized drawings so that we can look at manufacturing it for ourselves and other interested organizations. SHIP is pursing building a drill rig factory in Zambia and then in other countries.


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