What if you could save lives in your spare time?

We know people who are doing just that.

They are Seeds of Hope Champions individu- als who show an exceptional commiment to our work by giving of their time, resources, expertise, or finances to help bring hope and transformation to communities in Africa.

Become a champion, and you can encourage a person’s soul, restore a community’s resolve, and nurture a nation’s potential. All this, just in your spare time.



Give One.

$1 provides one person with clean water for one year. Help raise funds to bring water and other life-saving projects to thosands of people in Africa.


Tell One.

Got a voice? Use it for those who don’t.
By giving a presentation at your church or organization, you can tell the stories of lives transformed by our work. We’ll give you a toolkit with everything you need to make an impactful presentation and

Say One.

We believe and have seen that God answers prayers. Say a prayer each day for our work in Africa, and get ready to hear some exciting stories!

Go One.

Travel to Zambia as part of a general short-term team, or come lend your expertise in a specific area like drilling, business development, or agriculture.