Videos are produced by Seeds of Hope or our partners.


Seeds of Hope




Resource Center Tour




BioSand Filter Factor, Ndola Resource Center






Gladys' Story of Change

Watch this video about Gladys, one of SoHIP's top trainers, to see what she and the SoHIP team are doing to improve daily life for hundreds of people.  Thanks to our great partner CAWST for making the clip!




Seeds of Hope + Blood:Water Mission Partnership Highlight




Journey to 1000 Wells from Blood:Water Mission

This video was produced by one of our amazing partners, Blood:Water Mission. Seeds of Hope was a part of the thousand wells campaign and has been blessed by their incredible partnership.



BW:M in Zambia




SoHIP Ndola Tour from Austin Bello of Forever the Sickest Kids

This video is from Austin Bello of “Forever the Sickest Kids” who raises funds for Blood:Water Mission.  Austin came to Zambia to see the work they had sponsered and took this video!  He gives us a fun look at Seeds of Hope's work in Ndola, Zambia.




Zambia Song Trailer

This video is a professional quality film trailer produced by CIY (Christ In Youth) and is played at their conferences to encourage youth to take an active role in helping people throughout the world. The film is 28 minutes long and looks at the problems of dirty drinking water and how to solve those problems. The video was shot at Seeds of Hope and was used by Active:Water for the Blood:Water Mission sponsored Zambia projects. That year Seeds of Hope was able to do almost 2000 biosand filters funded by these great partnerships!



Mountainbrook Community Church 2008 Trip

Mountainbrook Community Church of San Luis Obispo, California produced this video describing their trip to Zambia. Mountianbrook has sponsored 5 water wells, over 400 Biosand (household) Filters, a drill rig and helped collect items and load two containers. They are currently collecting 400 mountain bikes for the Seeds of Hope bike repair/sales shop. The funds from the this shop are used to complete under-funded/non-funded projects. Thank you sooooo much for all your help!




Kids Playing at Well Sponsered by Jars of Clay/ Blood:Water Mission