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Seeds of Hope International Partnerships, Inc. is a United States registered 501(c)3

EIN # 26- 3460983


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Seeds of Hope International Partnerships- Zambia is a registered Non-Governmental Organization
# ORS/102/27/802


2009 U.S. Tax Form 990

2010 U.S. Tax Form 990

2011 U.S. Tax Form 990

Gifts are tax-deductible to the extent allowable by law.

We take your privacy seriously and will not sell, rent, loan, give or share your personal information with anyone else. If you have any questions about our mailing lists please email info@sohip.,org or call the office at 805.439.1489

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Seeds of Hope Board of Directors

SoHIP has purposefully collected a diverse group of experienced, high-level leaders, to offer salient council and strategic vision.  Board members are responsible for holding SHIP staff accountable in seeing Seeds of Hope steward and grow well.

Seeds of Hope Board Members:

Grant Nordwal, Engineer

Diane Foss, International Trainer

General Members
Bobby deLancellotti, Associate Pastor
Denise Schauer, Co-Founder
Dennis White, Arborist
Kirk Schauer, International Director & Co-Founder



Board Approved Policies

Seeds of Hope US Bylaws