With 2.5 billion people in the world not having access to adequate sanitation, the need to address this area is huge. Seeds of Hope is training communities in choosing and building various types of pit latrines to help break the transmission of diseases. Like the hygiene training, this is also being done in a participatory style to develop community ownership and long term use and sustainability. SHIP trainers work with community members to choose a latrine type that will meet the unique needs of the community and to find selectable locations for latrines in the community. Together with UNICEF we’ve been working in several regions of Zambia promoting latrines and constructing them at schools. UNICEF has found that just having latrines at schools promotes the attendance of more children, especially girls. It also has a direct effect on the overall health of the student body, reducing absences due to sickness.


Along with the installation of community boreholes, tippy taps, rainwater harvesting, and biosand filters, Seeds of Hope also install latrines.  This is an integral piece of creating and maintaining clean water.


Available Sanitation Trainings

Sanitation Promotion

This 5 day event takes place in communities and promotes latrine construction, proper sanitation, and basic hygiene. These promotions are held in conjunction with demonstration latrine construction

Low Cost Sanitation

This 5 day workshop provided implementers with knowledge of global water and sanitation issues, low cost sanitation technologies, and approaches for implementing sanitation programs.

Latrine Construction

This 5 day event provides communities with options of the type of demonstration latrine they want to build in their communities, based on their unique needs.  The goal is to increase latrine constructing within the community by involving the community in the selection and construction process.


Seeds of Hope also helps communities select and build various types of latrines, which help prevent the transmission of diseases.  To create local ownership and ensure long-term use, we work alongside community memembers to decide which style of latrine best meets their needs.  Sanitation improvements can dramactically impact a community.

Handing over a low cost latrine in Mapalo community


Building a “thrown rock” pit liner in the community of Mckenzie (low cost method)


Making a domed sanitary platform without metal it is cheaper and stronger


Community members help to build their own latrines