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Seeds of Hope partners with a range of organizations, from UNICEF to local non-profits. We recognize that the need we are responding to is greater than we can meet alone, and value the opportunity to collaborate with others.

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Blood: Water Mission Blood: Water Mission (B:WM)

BW:M is a non-profit organization founded by the members of Grammy Award-winning band Jars of Clay to empower communities to fight the HIV/AIDS and water crises. B:WM partners with organizations on the ground to empower needy communities to create tangible transformation through practical community development. With their help, we have maintained successful drilling, hygiene, and sanitation projects in Zambia, and have been able to include an HIV/AIDS component to our curriculums.


The Center for Affordable Water and Sanitation Technologies (CAWST) is a Canada-based engineering consulting organization providing education, training, and technical consulting in water and sanitation to organizations working with the poor in developing countries. CAWST conducts frequent trainings in Zambia and has partnered with us to develop a training department within our organization. With their help, Seeds of Hope has become a center of expertise in water, hygiene and sanitation for Southern Africa.

Clean Water Saves Lives

Clean Water Saves Lives is a nonprofit organization founded by Seeds of Hope Champion Jon Newsom. They are dedicated to helping with clean water drinking water projects by providing drilling equipment and supplies to organizations focused on creating water and sanitation solutions in poor communities.


Lifewater International

Lifewater International is a Christian non-profit development organization committed to equipping partner organizations to work empower communities in developing countries to gain safe water, adequate sanitation, effective hygiene, and the knowledge of Jesus’ love. Their incredible hygiene and sanitation curriculum is changing thousands of lives in Zambia.


Seeds of Hope has dynamic partnerships with Rotary Clubs around the world. These international relationships have helped us have an impact beyond Zambia ,bringing clean water and hygiene trainings to places in crisis. We have worked with Rotary Clubs from various cities in California, Zambia, Canada, and Australia to drill wells and provide biosand filters in needy communities in Southern Africa.


Soroptimist is an international organization for business and professional women who work to improve the lives of women and girls, in local communities and throughout the world. Soroptimists contribute time and financial support to community–based and international projects that benefit women and girls. They have donated funds toward clean water projects and sewing machine for vocational trainings.


Thirst Relief International

Thirst Relief International is a water development organization working to improve access to safe water in developing countries. By providing infrastructure development, training, and financial and technical resources to partner organizations Thirst Relief helps thousands of people each year improve their health. Their partnership has supported the success of Seeds of Hope’s biosand filter program.


In 2003, UNICEF funded the initial projects which enabled Seeds of Hope to begin functioning as an organization in Zambia. We worked at 38 schools, overseeing the drilling of one well, construction of 5 latrines, and conducting 3 hygiene trainings at each school.

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