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January 2014 Newsletter

Staying True to our Call

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Reflecting back on 2013 reminds us of how Seeds of Hope got started. It was born in 2003, in response to the cries of widows and orphans calling out for God—to slum communities overwhelmed by basic needs—to people seeking refuge and hope. God heard, and He opened our hearts, inviting us to be part of the solution.

Clean water brings so much health and healing to communities, so that’s where we began. Seeds of Hope was founded to help meet people’s practical needs by training teams to repair broken hand pumps. We were quite successful, but we soon realized we could have an even greater impact on the health of Zambian families and communities by moving beyond clean water, to provide sanitation and hygiene training as well.

Soon, families were getting healthier as cholera and other waterborne diseases vanished, but the cries of the poor still rang out. We began to see poverty as a downward spiral, and to recognize that clean water, proper sanitation, and good hygiene were needed to stop it—but we believed, as we still do, that God intended something greater for humanity. God wants us to flourish, and live lives of purpose and destiny. We believe that God commissioned Seeds of Hope not to simply stop the downward spiral of poverty, but to reverse it, by addressing water, sanitation and hygiene, agriculture, health and nutrition, and business development. By addressing each one of these areas simultaneously, while infusing Kingdom values, we have seen vast sustainable transformation.

In order to foster true transformation, we encourage families to implement all of our solutions through our Healthy Home Initiative. Households that adopt all the elements of a healthy home receive a certificate, empowering them to advocate and promote a healthy lifestyle to their neighbors. As beacons of hope, these champions inspire their communities to step out of poverty and flourish.

With this comprehensive approach, we are staying true to our foundational call to help widows, orphans, and others who are struggling, out of poverty and into a life full of hope and purpose. We are charting a new course to saving and transforming lives, and as we establish this unique model of development, we need your support.

SoHIP teams up with Rotary to provide vocational training

rotarySoHIP has been awarded a Matching Grant from the Rotary Foundation, which supports the humanitarian service projects of Rotary clubs and districts. We are so thankful for the Rotary Clubs from District 5240 in California, and the Ndola Mukuba Rotary Club in Zambia, for enabling us to provide vocational training to disadvantaged youth and women.

kirk in containerFor this project, District 5240 has purchased equipment and supplies for Seeds of Hope’s carpentry, water quality testing laboratory, computer-based business, and sewing vocational trainings, and will be shipping a container filled with all that, plus material contributions from our wonderful donors, to strengthen the training center in Zambia.

At this training center, students will have the opportunity to gain the knowledge and skills necessary to become qualified for employment, or even start their own small businesses. Students will also be able to purchase the tools of their trades—sewing machines, laptops, carpentry tools, etc.—through a micro-finance system, payments on which will finance the purchase of tools for future students.

florenceThe training is already working. Florence, SoHIP’s first sewing program graduate, is now working for Seeds of Hope as one of the Sewing for Business instructors. Being trained by SoHIP has changed her life:

“Before Seeds of Hope, I couldn’t pay my children’s school fees and I could only give my family one meal a day—but now that I’ve been trained, I can pay my bills, and we always have at least two, usually three meals a day.”

With between 75 and 100 students projected to be trained each year, this program will promote lasting transformation, and provide opportunities for disadvantaged Zambians to lift themselves out of poverty.

Seeds of Hope is very excited about this project and the possibilities of establishing more amazing partnerships. We would love to see our efforts to bring hope and health multiplied throughout Africa, and we greatly appreciate the generous partnership of Rotary International in helping to make that happen.

Praise & Prayer

kidsPlease rejoice with us over what God is doing through SoHIP, and pray for even greater success!


  • Container filled & being shipped to Zambia
  • Awarded grant from 25-40 Foundation for BSF Factory in Solwezi


  • Funding for 2014
  • Container arrives to Zambia on schedule
  • Short term teams traveling to Zambia in March & April
  • Volunteers needed in all areas

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