Proper training, implementation, monitoring, and follow-up are essential when introducing new forms of technology to a community.  Seeds of Hope regulary conducts the following workshops to ensure community members understand and enjoy their BioSand Filters.

BioSand Filter Construction

This 5-day workshop teaches community members how to construct their own BioSand Filters.  It covers the basics of how the filter works, how to maintain them, household instillation, and safe water storage.



BioSand Recipient & Refresher

These 1-day workshops are designed for first time BioSand Filter owners to become acquainted with their new BSF.  They cover subjects such as basic troubleshooting, filter maintenance, and safe water storage.  The refresher course goes hand in hand with the Recipient course and is a great for monitoring and evaluation.


Program Implementation

This workshop trains BioSand Filter implementers on the necessary components of starting and running their own BioSand Filter Program.




BioSand Filter Fabricator

This hands-on workshop is a refresher course for implementers and instructs participants on how to construct BioSand Filters.  It covers sand sources, media preparation, filter construction, and filter installation.




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