In response to desperate situations facing Southern Africa, Seeds of Hope has brought resources to empower local Africans to address overwhelming issues. Our vision is to establish Resource Centers in needy communities where people come to us to be trained in one or more areas of community development. They are then equipped to take what they have learned to their own communities to help establish lasting change. Our initial work was in Zambia where we established our first Resource Center. and SoHIP’s work was initially focused on schools and slums. As we met with success in these areas, SoHIP was able to expand into the surrounding regions, building on the foundation established by the successes of the previous projects.


Our vision at Seeds of Hope is to bring health and hope into impoverished communities throughout the world. SoHIP has also traveled to Sierra Leone, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, and Rwanda to do trainings. As we train organizations who then train others, the production and installation of BioSand Filters and the establishment of healthy water sources increases exponentially, bringing clean water into many more homes!worldmap_blacklines CROP


In the United States we are training and equipping teams to go into the nations with hope and healing. We are currently developing a Training Center in Northern California, teaching development basics to groups who are traveling internationally, and speaking with classes of emerging  leaders.

If you are interested in partnering with Seeds of Hope in Northern California, or beyond, please contact us.